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Migrate to cloud to speed up or utilize the full power of existing infrastructure - the choice is yours. Our mission is to make your infrastructure evolve at a pace of your business.


What is Infrastructure Evolution?

The evolutionary approach is a set of practices to prepare your infrastructure for the next big move. Requirements for infrastructure grow along with the business. We specialize in developing strategies that ensure reliability, compliance, and performance when scaling. Our team also supports your business in making necessary transitions.



Reveal best strategies from the industry and your competitors

  • Learn about common scenarios and decide what fits your business
  • Discover typical costly mistakes and ways to avoid them
  • Understand unofficial common practices and their effects


Understand your infrastructure, expenses, and scaling options

  • Create a strategy of adopting cloud infrastructure
  • Analyze expenses, figure out cost-effective solutions
  • Understand the trade-offs of on-premise and cloud for your business


Optimize engineering expenditure

  • Save on streamlining engineering workflows
  • Improve developer satisfaction and retention
  • Minimize expenses from unplanned downtime

We do infrastructure

Some our services that help your business scale

Architect software-defined infrastructure

We design and deploy you an infrastructure (physical, cloud-based, or hybrid) that evolves with your business.

Train infrastructure team

Fast track the cloud adoption in your company by educating your team with us.

Migrate software to cloud

Take full advantage of moving your product to the cloud with help of our highly accomplished engineers.

Set up CI/CD infrastructure

Reallocate expenses from code delivery to development. Help your engineers ship code faster.

Enable your project for China

We know the challenges of running infrastructure in China and ready to help you set up yours.

Adapt for EU legal and compliance laws

Make your NDA legal and your infrastructure compliant with us. Use our expertise to navigate IT-related legal topics.


This is only a tiny fraction of what we can do. Talk to us to learn about our other services.

Infrastructure evolution starts with Kogito

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